So where next?

If the PRGB is dead in the water, then what do the four (RRW?) do next? Sit by and wait for Roger to come up with another dead duck or, at last, actually kick back at the WRU. They must have surely realised that they will never be successful whilst playing second fiddle to the... Continue Reading →

PRGB = BS = WTF? = Doomed My friend, Roger Lewis, is seemingly keen on testing which nuclear option will be taken first in Welsh rugby - either the club owners throw their collective toys and walk away, leaving him to march through empty streets with his Team Wales army behind him, or they finally get some togetherness and go their... Continue Reading →

Why the u23s? Why not the WP?

Top u23 players who are outside of the first team squad often drop back in to the WP when not required. The drop in quality is too great. The diversity of coaching and approach, combined with the issues of not training with the WP team, all on top of the disruption caused to the WP... Continue Reading →

What to do with Valleys Rugby?

The vocal minority of wolves in Ponty clothing have gone a little silent since NIgel Greenaway launched a new business venture and Owen Smith got a proper job, but their followers still need to be fed a bone.For me, the obvious thing that they should look to do is to enter the English County Championship... Continue Reading →

What to do, Roger?

The professional game is at a crossroads in this country as Roger Lewis' own policies are beginning to bite him on the backside. For years he has underpaid for the access Team Wales (his team) have to the assets of the four professional teams and this slow starvation has caused them to be unable to... Continue Reading →

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