John Mulvihill’s first week


Swapping life on the Gold Coast for the wonders of Cardiff can’t have been an easy decision, but JM seems to have done his research on Cardiff Rugby. An assured performance in his first media conference has given the supporters an insight into the game plan he wants to use and how he’s very much the ‘hands on’ coach that the club wanted to replace Danny Wilson.

It was good to see the Hubert Johnson room used as the venue and good to see Cardiff Blues promoting JM with pictures such as the one above. Again, the message of the heritage of the club was key in the presentation and in the words of JM when he recognised the importance of the world renowned name of Cardiff Rugby. Of course, there were also kind words for his friend and our previous Aussie Coach Alec Evans.

So, it’s time to get the track suit on and to work on improving that squad of players, Mr Mulvihill. Let’s see what you’ve got…. but just remember that the pressure isn’t that great:



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