The Maths Of Pro Rugby – Wales is Skint

Warning - the following will contain numbers, some limited assumptions and some rounding up. It won't appease the romantics, the disenfranchised or the lovers of compass point teams (you know the people - those who never use numbers to support their opinion. Last year the WRU earned (turned over) £85.3m. It also collected another £11.7m... Continue Reading →

2+2? 3+1? How about a meritocracy instead?

So it's tomorrow and Wednesday that will see meetings of the (new) Professional Rugby Game Board to decide how the financial pie of Welsh rugby is to be divided, for an unknown period of time and in an unknown way. Let's remember that the PRGB is supposedly made up of 4 x PRW reps (the... Continue Reading →


As the WRU has spent 15 years (and longer) trying to drive private finance out of the game in Wales, it seems to make more and more sense to go to a 3+1 model. Buttress is playing at being Chairman of the Dragons (in this context) as he's spent next to nothing of his own... Continue Reading →

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